"​My mission is to help young adults who are struggling in abusive relationships, 

peer pressure, and lack of direction. I relate because when I was their age

 I was overwhelmed with very negative influences in my life.  I fortunately figured 

out how to get through it and later created a one woman show designed 

to teach young people that they have other choices and a life of endless possibilities.  

I now do speaking, workshops, created other educational shows and I am the author of the book 

"I Didn't Cry Stories": Dreaming Big in Harlem.  My goal is to help educators 

and parents with tools and strategies to provide young adults to live a fulfilling life.​"

Sergia Starr




I am so very grateful to all of the people who have supported my work all these years.  And so grateful to God above all

 for allowing me to use my gifts to help others.  

My prayer for the world is that we all find love, understanding and become even more aware of God's greatness.

My Story


This book was hard to write but I felt it necessary to share more about the characters in the one-woman show I perform. One, because the audience always wanted more and two, because I agree that you can't say or do much in a one hour show.


I DIDN'T CRY-one-woman show



 Based on a true story, I DIDN’T CRY is a tale of a young girl, coming to grips with the untimely death of her older sister, Santa.  14-year-old Santa’s series of indiscreet choices lead her down a path that begins with love and pregnancy, dropping out of school, continues with drugs and abuse and ends tragically.  This show will have students consider their own life choices carefully.

One Hour Performance

and a 15-30 Minutes Q&A Session Immediately After the Performance

(90 Minutes)

(Grades 8th and Above)

 Email: Info@CRYproductions.com 

Write 2 Live-Workshops



  1. CRY MONOLOGUES- Creative Writing Class
  2. GOAL SETTING- Life Skills Class
  3. ENTREPRENEUR SKILLS- Business Class

Social Emotional Learning Success!

Skills learned are: 

Self Efficacy

Social Awareness

Self Awareness

 Email: Info@CRYproductions.com 


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