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CRY Productions seeks to transform, inspire and encourage healing through its Theater Presentations, Workshops and Lectures. With the One-Woman show, I DIDN'T CRY, audiences are invited to learn about the choices the characters make and are encouraged to consider their choices as well.

Write 2 Live - Workshops


With the thought in mind, "If you fail to PLAN, You plan to FAIL", Write 2 Live-Workshops uses fun creative writing exercises and exciting theater games, where participants learn Goal Setting Skills and come out having a clearer vision of what it will take to achieve their goals. 



In response to the ME TOO, movement, Sergia shares her unique life-lessons and tools for overcoming personal obstacles, mentor discovery, self-acceptance and goal achievement. (Followed by a Q&A)


What's been said



"As educators we all live for teachable moments.  Moments, where our students are elevated beyond the overwhelming circumstances of life into moments which empower them to discover possibilities within themselves and the world in which they live.  This past semester in Region One, our students were elevated and empowered by a production called "I Didn't Cry," a one woman show which encouraged them to examine themselves and grow."

High School Principal

Bruce Irashalmi


Ms. Perez's story is brave, bold, highly accessible, and filled with brilliant insight.  During her performance everyone in the audience, regardless of race of back-ground, connected with her characters on a profound level.  While she may not have cried, we all did; and subsequently, walked out of the auditorium richer for having witnessed her tale."  

High School Principal

Matthew Angrisini



CRY PRODUCTIONS believes that  WE CREATE OUR LIVES  and THE  CIRCUMSTANCES we were born into, does NOT. 

The true enemy is COMPLACENCY.

 WE are HERE to SERVE your COMMUNITY and AWAKEN them to the FACT that their life has LIMITLESS possibilities. 

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