About The Book

Intro to I DIDN'T CRY STORIES: Dreaming Big in Harlem (a memoir)


I have learned through my own life experience and from the books I’ve read, that we can learn from others. We can learn by the mistakes they make and also by their proven successes.  This is life.  We are born to copy the good or the bad.  We have been given free will and yet many of us don’t even know that we have it.  The free will to desire and be how we desire to be.  It’s simple. Really.

So, to answer the question,Why did you write this?

I wrote this play to tell the story of my sister Santa.  To remember her.  To give her life meaning. To teach using her story.  To enlighten us into understanding that we can have true love and what it should look like. It definitely is not what Santa experienced.  I wrote it to tell the world, “LIVE YOUR DREAMS.”  That we can create the life that we want.  That we can use our minds and think thoughts of a better life than what we have now.  That we can always evolve, always learn.  I wrote this play to save my life.  To save the life of others stuck in negative relationships and to warn others about them.  To strengthen my spirit, to strengthen the spirit of others.  I wrote this play to share my dream as a writer and an actress. Even in the writing of this book I am creating my dreams as an author and a voice of inspiration into a reality.  I am a writer.  I write. I am an actress.  I act.  I live to inspire and transform lives.  I inspire transformation.



Based on a true story, I DIDN’T CRY is a tale of a young girl, coming to grips with the untimely death of her older sister, Santa.  14-year-old Santa’s series of indiscreet choices lead her down a path that begins with love and pregnancy, dropping out of school, continues with drugs and abuse and ends tragically.