I DIDN'T CRY at Bethune M.S.- Interview with the Principal

Here is an interview of Bethune Middle School at Los Angeles Unified School District with Principal, Dr. Garrett, and Assistant Principal, Mrs. Jackson. The interview was done after viewing the performance of I DIDN'T CRY.

WRITE 2 LIVE: Workshops..... Explained

"I give them BIG-HAIRY-AUDACIOUS-GOALS" Sergia Starr

Interview of Special Ed Teacher

"I think (the show) was really important for the students to see.  They're taking in the message ... that they have to make better choices"  Jillian Valdez, Special Ed Teacher 

Testimony From H.S. Student

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Testimony From LA High School Counselor

Los Angeles- Sylmar H.S. Counselor

CRY Productions Promo Video

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Testimony From New York City H.S. Counselor

High School Counselor

Testimony from Drama Teacher

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I Didn't Cry- older videos

One of my very first performances.